22 May

Father forgive me?

Really powerful blog from a dad about how he feels he was treated by health professionals – this is really sad, I was in a class with some expectant dads this week and we were talking about dads being part of the team – all they want is to be acknowledged as that.


Father forgive me?.

28 Mar


This is the new website of a friend and colleague Meriel De Vekey, has link to Mantenatal and lots of other things that may well be of interest to expectant mums and dads particularly those in the Royston or Cambridge areas.


Merrybumps | Useful links.

18 Mar

Finding quiet corners – looking after yourself when expecting a second or subsequent baby

Really lovely blog from my friend and colleague Meriel about subsequent pregnancies. Relax & Breathe courses can be another great way to find sometime for yourself and to prepare for birth this time around when you have child(ren) already – all mums-to-be are welcome.


Merrybumps | Finding quiet corners – looking after yourself when expecting a second or subsequent baby.

17 Mar

Mantenatal course in Cambridge

Great news two more Mantenatal workshops are now available to book – these will be on Saturday 31st may and Saturday 26th July – great chance for dads-to-be to explore pregnancy, birth and early parenting from their point of view. More details at www.mantenatal.com or find Mantenatal on Facebook and Twitter. Dads-to-be can book via the link below, there is still time to book for the workshop on 5th April.

Mantenatal course in Cambridge for Due dates from mid June to end July – 5G/C1066 | NCT.

04 Mar


There are some spaces available for a Mantenatal workshop on Saturday 5th April in Cambridge – this is three hours dedicated to looking at pregnancy, birth and early parenting from the dads point of view – please do pass on to any expectant dads you know (whether it is their first baby or not) – details on the websitewww.mantenatal.com  also twitter @mantenatal and Facebook Mantenatal, dads can book via http://www.nct.org.uk/course/18888549

22 Feb

Childbirth: Should men stay away?

This half hour podcast is really worth a listen – a number of leading commentators on childbirth talking about the role of dads. For me particularly interested to hear Michel Odent suggesting the need to move away from talking about ‘supporting’ women to discuss ‘protecting’ them – I personally think we could explore this with dads antenatally and help to ensure stress levels are kept to a minimum – let me know what you think.

Childbirth: Should men stay away? – News – VoR Debate – Voice of Russia UK, Voice of Russia – UK Edition.