The Benefits of Skin-to-Skin and Babywearing for Dads

At MANtenatal, we are deeply passionate about highlighting the amazing benefits of skin-to-skin contact. That’s why we’ve partnered with Seraphine to offer some of the most stylish and innovative products for baby bonding.

One of our core missions is to ensure dads recognise the significance of building a true emotional connection with their newborns. There are various ways to foster this bond, whether through the soothing sound of your voice while reading to your baby or engaging in bath time together. However the benefits behind skin-to-skin contact will literally blow your mind.

Remember, your newborn’s senses are highly sensitive—they can feel, smell, and touch, even though their eyesight is still developing. When you hold your baby against your chest, their heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature will synchronise with yours. This magical connection triggers the release of oxytocin, the ultimate bonding hormone, fostering a deep emotional bond.

Introducing Seraphine Men’s Skin to Skin Top

At MANtenatal, we are always on the lookout for great products to support dads on their journey into fatherhood. We are thrilled to have partnered with Seraphine, a brand known for its excellent products for mums, which now includes fantastic items for dads too.

The Seraphine Men’s Skin to Skin Top is specifically designed to facilitate skin-to-skin contact. It comes in five sizes, from extra small to extra large, and includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to wear it. We love this product and highly recommend it as a must-have for all new dads.

Babywearing: The Ultimate Connection

A common question we get asked at MANtenatal is, “What is the one product you recommend new dads get their hands on?” Our answer is simple: any product that promotes babywearing. Babywearing is an incredible way to strengthen the bond between dads and their little ones.

We highly recommend you check out the Seraphine CARIPOD™. Available in five different colourways, this ergonomically designed baby carrier combines both style and functionality. Loved by celebs and press, it’s fully front-fastening two-piece design is game-changing, making it a breeze to get your baby in and out by yourself without removing your coat. So baby changing, nap transfers and breastfeeding are no problem. 

Not only does Seraphine offer an incredible baby carrier, but they have taken it one step further with fantastic innovation to focus on dads. Imagine this scenario: you have your baby in the carrier and want to put on your hoodie. Traditional hoodies don’t fit over the baby carrier so Seraphine has created the perfect solution…

Seraphine’s Innovative Men’s Babywearing Hoodie

We are blown away by Seraphine Babywearing Hoodie and it is a total game changer! This hoodie allows you to put it on, zip it up, and have your baby inside, super cosy next to you. It’s fleece-lined and incredibly soft, providing comfort for both you and your baby.

Inspired by their best-selling version for mums, the Men’s Babywearing Hoodie in classic navy blue features an innovative zip-on pouch designed to fit over a baby carrier. The pouch zips all the way up, keeping you and your little one cosy. Once your baby outgrows the carrier, the pouch easily zips off, transforming the hoodie back into a stylish, high-quality men’s hoodie. With a classic drawstring hood and side pockets, it’s the perfect gift for a new dad!

At MANtenatal, we believe in supporting dads through every step of their fatherhood journey. Products like the Seraphine Men’s Skin-to-Skin Top and the Seraphine Babywearing Hoodie are perfect for creating and nurturing that essential bond with your baby.

For more information and to check out these amazing products, visit Seraphine’s website. Embrace the journey of fatherhood with confidence and connection.