1:1 course designed for you!

A dad-to-be reached out to us via our Twitter page and explained the difficult journey he had been on to become a dad. He was so keen to learn and develop his skills in preparing for fatherhood but simply could not face sitting with others, talking about something so personal and heartbreaking in a room full of strangers.

When we hear his story, we had to think a little differently and so the 1:1 course was conceived.

Instead of multiple classes, lasting several weeks, we worked directly with the dad-to-be and created a 2 week course lasting around 4 hours where we could have personal 1:1 sessions just for him.

The end result… a dad-to-be that felt he could talk about anything, nothing was taboo and he left feeling much better prepared to be #thebestdadyoucanbe.

If you are interested in 1:1 sessions, please do get in touch!