Dads have a long way to go…

Well here we are in 2019 and this month see’s the launch of our new website – a place where fathers-to-be get the info and support they need as they enter into the magical and challenging world of parenthood.

As I write this inaugural blog, I am sent and article from the BBC where it reports on these challenges in acute detail.

I am shocked to see the following data which literally stops me in my tracks…

Take a minute to digest what this is showing us.

In 2019 there are x7 ‘Westernised’ countries that give dads less than 10 days paid leave when they become fathers. Even more shocking, x3 countries give absolutely nothing at all. How can this be?

If ever there was a question about the need for groups/strong networks to help new dads prepare for and share their experiences, then this table should send the message loud and clear. #bestdadyoucanbe