‘Toddler-Turbulence’ on planes… seriously?

This week, Japan Airlines announced that they will publish a map on all of their planes which shows passengers where babies are sitting. Why you might ask… well it’s simple and utterly shocking.

The pic shows where babies *seats 45E&F are situated on a plane.

In today’s ‘modern’ world, it’s apparently OK to allow people to avoid crying (and sometimes screaming) babies and toddlers on flights. Surely this is dangerous territory and could actually be deemed as a form of discrimination.

Perhaps i’m being too dramatic!

Well imagine for one second that we added a map for where old people are sitting or disabled people are sitting or race or religion… the list goes on. The world would be up in arms. So why is it deemed acceptable to highlight where a baby sits?

Personally, I have traveled many times with my kids, from very early in their lives too. Only once have I encountered an issue when the lady in front of me pressed the call bell and asked for ear plugs… I empathize with these types of travelers but have one thing to say that nobody can refute…

Last time I checked, we we’re all babies once!